15 February 2012

What's New? Wednesday

Wow. That was a lot of blog hopping. Other than meeting a ton of great new bloggers and reading amazing blog hop entries, this is what's new with me:

  • My family bought me a Kindle Fire for my birthday. YAY! I've been playing Angry Birds on it.
  • I also bought my first smart phone! I've been playing Angry Birds on it.
  • As I already broadcast, I joined Twitter (#Erittelking), but for the life of me, I can't think of anything to Tweet about. I suck at social networking.
  • Yesterday I ate my weight in Dove chocolates and cherry jelly hearts. I'll wind down from my sugar high just in time to enjoy Cadbury Creme Eggs for Easter.
  • I'm reading a giveaway I won from Medeia Sharif, The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer. One word: HOOKED.
What's new with you?


  1. Did you know they're making an Angry Birds movie? I find that very strange. Hooray for the kindle fire. I'm nit jealous at all *cough* I joined Twitter not long ago as well and it's so time consuming to keep updating and reading updates!

  2. Oh Angry Birds is a dangerous addiction! I am over it now, but it was bad for a while lol!

    Also, I had the same issue with Twitter when I first joined, because I'm not sure I have that much to say. And nothing too interesting can be fit into 140 characters, right?! However, I figure I can just toss out random thoughts here and there and it seems to be working. :D

  3. My children play Angry Birds on my Kindle Fire. They also play little puzzle and matching games together. It's pretty cute. I hope you enjoy yours! And about Twitter, I think you'll find that it's so casual that it's easy to get into it. I mean, the other day I tweeted about taking down my Christmas tree (on February 12th ... yeah), and something like ten people responded with funny comments. It's an incredibly friendly environment, in my personal experience. I'm one of your followers, so I'll keep an eye out for your tweets!

  4. Yeah, I'm not all that witty to tweet anything all that interesting, but I love it to chat with people. I'll make sure to follow you :)

  5. Oh, Angry Birds how I do love thee.

    It's quite addicting.

  6. I'll follow you on Twitter as soon as I get home. - I'm blocked from twitter at work but little do they know - I'm worse with blogging.

    Anywho - I was addicted to Angry Birds but got stuck on a level and now I'm on strike! However, my kids still play AB on my Kindle Fire along with several other games.

    Enjoy! Oh - I LOVE Cadbury Eggs too!

  7. I tried to warn you about Angry Birds. Oh well, we writers need our vices to stay sane. The book you are reading is on my TBR list.

  8. I don't own a Kindle Fire (or Ipad,etc.) nor an Iphone. I'm on twitter, too, #rpatrickhughes, but I have no idea how twitter works. I'm still trying to figure out how to read the tweets. (I've never been good at foreign languages, higher math, or symbolic logic.) If I ate my weight in chocolate, my diabetes would cause me to explode. (Ah, but what a way to go.) I just finished reading Eugenie Grandet and have been trying to read "The Best of Me" by N. Sparks. It's tough going because I have so little time to just read.

  9. What a cool gift!
    I haven't done the Twitter thing, I don't think I'd have anything interesting to say either! :)

  10. I was on twitter for awhile although I don't remember ever actually signing up. Then I began getting some strange followers so untwittered myself. I think at some point I will have to reenter that social networking mecca but for now, I'm still trying to blog more than once a week.

  11. Yeah, I know what you mean. I still do a while lot more tooting than tweeting.

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  13. Oh, I love Angry Bird. It is so fun. Yes, sometimes I don't know what to say either. Even on a computer, I can feel socially awkward.

    I hope you're feeling well.

  14. I've never played Angry Birds and I won't start. I'm too afraid :) haha.

    And...have you been stealing my Dove Chocolates??? Oh wait. I think I'm just eating them all. ;)

  15. Oh, once those Angry Birds get their talons in you, forget it! (But of course now I want to go play!)

    I'm not on Twitter - I don't need one more "thing" right now - but you never know. Sigh.

  16. I see you Twittering away just fine. :)

    And Angry Birds...such a source of procrastination and distraction. Shall I admit that I have achieved three stars on the first three levels?

  17. oooo I wanna read that one. And congrats on your Kindle Fire!! Awesome!
    btw I'm eating a chocolate as I type this. ;)

  18. Ah, Angry Birds. Hehe! Good times. You should try Cut the Rope on your Kindle. It's a cute game and quite fun.

  19. Yay for a new smartphone! I'm loving mine, though I haven't gotten Angry Birds...yet. Happy reading!

  20. My significant other keeps trying to tell me I want a Kindle Fire. But except for playing Angry Birds, I really don't know what I'd do with it. I hope you enjoy yours.

    And I loved The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer.

  21. Ahh...Cadbury Mini Eggs. Why aren't you a year round thing? Your weight in chocolate? So what? Like 90 lbs?

  22. Oh Emily...were we separated at birth? Angry bird addiction and Dove chocolate? You're reading my heart.

  23. Mmm...I can us some of that chocolate. =)

  24. Oh my gosh! All sorts of awesomeness! And I agree about coming off the sugar high in time for more chocolate yumminess during Easter! My favorite! I love Angry Birds but I suck at it. *sigh* Eventually I had to give it the boot, but when I get my kindle fire, I may take it up again. :)

  25. They should just call those Dove chocolates "Chick Crack."

  26. Angry Birds is such a great game. Rovio really knocked one out of the ballpark with that invention.

  27. My son and MIL are addicted to angry bird. LOL.

    I read The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer and I was sad that I really didn't like it.

  28. Lan, an Angry Bird's movie? I wonder how they'll pull that off.

    Kyra, I know I should, but I don't feel I have anything important to say.

    Sarah, I have noticed how casual it is. I should loosen up a bit.

    Cristina, yay! Someone to tweet with!

    S.P., it's only been a weak and I can honestly say I HATE those smirking pigs.

    Danielle, I'll look for you on Twitter. : )

    Brinda, yes, you did warn me. I blame my kids. "Mom, can I play Angry Birds?" "Sure, right after I finish this level." Four levels later...

    Patrick, I'm still figuring out how Twitter works too. Is there a secret code we're missing?

    Rachel, that's exactly how I'm feeling.

    Nancy, I understand. I've already blocked a couple of people I know are scammers.

    Susan, I don't mind the tooting. I just wish I could bring myself to do it more often.

    Ladonna, I agree! Social awkwardness isn't just for face to face meetings. And I'm feeling well. Thank you for asking. : )

  29. Kelley, are you a Dove lover, too?

    Madeline, I know exactly what you mean. I'd like to get this "thing" figured out.

    L.G., I bow to your greatness. I'm working on it, but man, it's hard.

    PK, aw, and you didn't offer me any? : )

    Cherie, I'll check it out!

    Meredith, thanks! And I hope you feel better soon.

    M.J., I did start to read a book on my Kindle too... : )

    Angie, HA! I wish.

    Elizabeth, I actually played Angry Birds last night while eating the chocolates. Good times. : )

    Liz, I wish you were close enough. I'd share!

    Leigh, I suck at Angry Birds, too. I can't even top my six-year-old. But I'm sucked in by the strategy of it.

    Cat, you're so right! Thanks for stopping by.

    Michael, yes they did.

    Jenny, don't tell me that! Now I want to know how it ends.

  30. LOL! You are a crack up. You look like a teeny person so I doubt you ate that much Dove chocolates ;) But now I'm going to be thinking about them all day!

    Never gotten into the Angry Bird thing... haven't tried it... I'm sure I'd be an addict after playing one game though... I best stay away! :D

  31. I have one entire three-star level on Angry Birds. I consider this my greatest accomplishment of 2011.

  32. Sounds like you're also hooked on Angry Birds. I love my Kindle Fire too. Isn't it awesome???

    New with me? I decided not to relocate when my employer wanted me to move to Pittsburgh to keep my job. So today's my last day. Ugh.

  33. May I suggest Plants versus Zombies for your next addiction!

  34. I love angry birds! And Sadly my four year old is the most addicted in our family:)

    And I feel you on the Twitter thing. Actually finding out you got on prompted me to check out twitter (which I hadn't done in a while) and this go round I am really enjoying it. I think its because I found tweet deck. It makes Twitter so much easier for the non-techie gal that I am:) Plus I love #wipmadness. You should check that group out. They are awesome!

  35. Angry Birds is Awesome! And don't worry about writing anything on twitter, I don't. I just talk to people :)

  36. You’re not alone. I suck at social networking too.
    Cadbury’s chocolate is the best isn’t it! Sadly, being a chocoholic, I’ve had to give it up completely. (I still get the cravings over a year later!)

  37. Angry Birds is my downfall. Those darn pigs!! They get me every time! And I get hooked on those Cadbury mini eggs. Delicious.

  38. Morgan, you are wise to stay away from the game. It truly is addictive.

    Karen, I'm impressed!

    Jay, the Kindle Fire is everything I hoped for and more.

    Jaye, I've never heard of it. I'll check it out!

    Deana, I'll look into the group. I'm glad you're on Twitter, too.

    Jen, ha!

    Iain, you gave up chocolate? I don't know whether to pity you or admire you. : )

    Chantele, we just have to wait for the V-Day candy to be put away, then Cadbury will take its place!

  39. Congrats on the Kindle Fire... want to hear what's it's like... hubby is thinking of getting me one.

  40. I LOVE the game with the intensity of attraction that moths have to a flame! Incredibly addictive game...but I LOVE it! Nothing beats the sound of a bird screaming through the air hitting glass! LOL ;)

  41. Smartphones are evil! They will suck every last minute out of your day!

    Still working my way through the blog hopping...

  42. Alex, LOL! You are one funny man.

    TF, so far I love it. Reading on it is a snap.

    Jack, their angry faces totally make my day!

    Botanist, you know, you're right.
    Good thing I have a Kindle to split the time wasting with. :)

  43. Happy Birthday, Emily! Sounds like it was a wonderful day :)

  44. Really, who doesn't love Angry Birds? Or chocolate? Or eating chocolate while playing Angry Birds?

    You must try Temple Run next. Addicting as well. :)

  45. I hope you love your Kindle Fire as much as I love mine :)

  46. That Angry Birds game can be addictive. I downloaded a free version but then suddenly Amazon wanted me to provide a credit card number before I could play. I don't play it anymore. Amazon saved me from myself. lol

  47. All my co-workers have fallen victim to the Angry Bird addiction. Me? I'm stumbling around with PLANTS VS. ZOMBIES! LOL. I know you will love your Kindle Fire. I love mine, Roland

  48. Angry Birds taking over? Glad you got some new toys:)

  49. LOL! I love that you're playing Angry Birds on all your devices. Now if Twitter would allow it, you'd have it all!

  50. Welcome to Twitter! I was quite the opposite I tweeted way too much whe I first joined.... I've slowed down a little now.
    I'm one of the few who've never played angry birds lol

  51. Angry Birds . . . I told myself when I first heard of it I wouldn't get hooked, but defeating the levels is so much fun. :) LOL.

  52. hows baby like the sweets?
    and i am looking forward to reading that too (i won it from david powers =)
    yay us!

  53. I feared Twitter, until I started doing it. Nina Badzin has great twitter tips for beginners (her blog is Nina Badzin's Blog if you want to Google it) I love twitter now - one hint Nina gave me was to make it my goal to tweet once a day, and if I retweet something, that was good. I don't tweet about my personal self much. Most of the time it's retweets. Also, I hear you about the Cadbury Eggs!

  54. I'm glad you're enjoying the book.

    Yay on the Kindle and smartphone. I love my devices and apps.

    I've never gotten into angry birds. Maybe I should give them another shot.

  55. haha. "I'm playing Angry Birds"...on everything!

    I can't get past the level I'm on, but I refuse to have help!!

  56. Kindle Fires are awesome! We got a couple for the fam for Christmas and use them every day. Enjoy your new toy!

  57. Ha, yeah, I sometimes go days between tweets because I don't know what to say either. :)

    Let us know how Mara Dyer is! It's one I've wanted to read.

  58. Hahaha, love it. Angry Birds is one app I've willed myself to stay away from, because I know I'll get addicted, too. Also, I'm sooo stoked to see you on Twitter... Don't worry; you'll get the hang of it!

  59. I've never played Angry Birds, but I know the husband unit enjoys it. Happy Birthday! Sounds like you're having a great time.

  60. Jordan, it was a great birthday.

    Ruth, temple run, got it.

    Carol, so far I do

    Donna, I'll watch for the bill from Amazon. If I get one, I'll probably quit too.

    Roland, is there anything the Kindle Fire can't do? It's awesome!

    Mark, it was addictive at first, but I'm losing steam.

    Elana, why doesn't Twitter have Angry Birds? Hmm...

    Michelle, I'm getting the hang of Twitter now. It's taking time to learn the lingo.

    Golden Eagle, I did the same thing!

    Tara, I think you'll like the book. It's different.

    Lara, thanks for the tips! I check out that blog.

    Medeia, apps are as much fun as everyone made them out to be. I'm so glad I'm not disappointed.

    Ashley, when I need help I ask my six-year-old. Ha!

    Stephen, thanks!

    LisaAnn, I'm glad you're on Twitter, too.

    M Pax, I did have a nice birthday. Thank you. : )

  61. Enjoy your new toys! And happy birthday.

  62. I struggle with the tweeting too... There are kidlit chats if you're interested... Tuesday night at 9pm eastern time just search for #kidlitchat. They have a different topic every week. Shoot me an email if you want more details. Lol and Happy Birthday!

  63. I've avoided Angry Birds since I have a compulsive personality. I just discovered the peanut butter Snickers eggs. Oh no. I feel my butt getting bigger even as we speak.

  64. Carrie, I know! I feel so tech savvy.

    Phil, thanks for the birthday wishes. : )

    Jess, I've seen a few of these chats. I haven't been able to join in yet, but I want to.

    Leslie, there are peanut butter Snickers eggs? I must try them.

  65. Happy Belated Birthday! A Kindle Fire and a smart phone! I want to be you. ; ) I'm off to find you on Twitter. : )


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