04 June 2012

Blogging Mentor Monday: Kyra Lennon is Write Here, Write Now!

I'm back with an all new Blogging Mentor, Kyra Lennon, from Write Here, Write NowKyra has blown me away with how quickly she skyrocketed into the blogosphere. Since we met during a blogfest in February, her following has gone from under 100 to over 200 followers. It's easy to understand why; Kyra is sincere, sweet, and hardworking. This is what Kyra has to say about blogging.

So Kyra, why did you start your blog?
I started my blog because I realised it was time to start taking my writing seriously, and if I wanted people to know about me, I'd need to establish an online presence. I also wanted to connect with other writers, and learn more about the craft of writing. I was a little apprehensive, because other blogs I started in the past bored me senseless, and writing posts seemed like a chore. Now, I see that it wasn't blogging that was the problem, it was my subject matter lol! 

I had a blog before this one, too. I felt the same way about it. :)

You haven’t been blogging long, yet you've had great success increasing your following. How have you done it?
Blogfests! Honestly, without blogfests, I'd have no followers! It's not just that, though. It's paying attention to other bloggers, commenting on their posts and showing an interest in what they're doing. It's all well and good to write a standard "great post" every time someone writes something on their blog, but they won't follow you back, or care about what you're doing if you don't make an effort to really interact with them. 

I agree. If you're blogging just to gain followers, people will sense your insincerity.

How has blogging benefited your writing?
Ooh, so many ways! The biggest difference for me is that I've found CPs who have helped me see ways I can tighten up my writing and make it much stronger. I tend to waffle when I write, and learning how to cut out the useless words has been a huge breakthrough.

CP's are a great reward for blogging!

What is your most memorable blogging experience to date?
Well, the A-Z Challenge was memorable, for sure! Blogging almost every day for a month really takes it out of you. It was a great experience, and because I used the challenge to further explore the characters from my WIP, it was very beneficial too. However, my most memorable experience has to be my first blogfest. It was Cassie and Angie's "I'm Hearing Voices" fest, and it is because of those fabulous ladies that I met so many amazing bloggers. I had an absolute blast hopping around, and I remember being astounded by how much talent there is out there. It was that experience that got me excited about blogging, and for that, I will always be extremely grateful!

I believe we met during the I'm Hearing Voices Blogfest. Good times!

Okay, final question: If you could visit any setting in any book, where would you go?
Hogwarts, without a doubt. I want to play Quidditch, go to Transfiguration classes, hang out with Ginny Weasley and Luna Lovegood, and go on day trips to Hogsmeade!

Nice choice. Ginny and Luna would be a trip to hang out with. :)

Thanks for agreeing to be our Mentor, Kyra!


  1. I've really enjoyed getting to know Kyra since I came across her blog, and it was really interesting to find out more about why she blogs. I totally agree with the last question, I always wanted an owl to delivery me a letter saying I'd been accepted to Hogwarts (sadly it never happened).

  2. Kyra is awesome! She really knows how to make friends online and is very genuine.

  3. I met Kyra during the A-Z and I totally agree that blogfests are a great way to increase connections as long as it's being done for the right reasons. I can safely say that she's a great writer and a great friend to have in the blogosphere - she's always so upbeat!

  4. Like the title Write here write now :-)

  5. I've known Kyra for years, and it's great to see her out there blogging, getting to know people and sharing her writing. I've had many great blogging experiences with her, including when we took part in a blogfest together.

  6. Kyra's blog is always one of my favs!

    I found her through a blog fest, so her approach obviously works. It doesn't hurt she is so friendly and cheerful. Like a breath of fresh air.

    Hugs Kyra!

  7. Kyra has a great blog. I met her during "I'm Hearing Voices," too. Great interview on both sides :)

  8. I love Kyra! And she's the epitome of the caring blogger. I look forward to not only her posts but the comments she leaves on my blog as well. :)

  9. Great interview! Nice to meet you, Kyra! :D

  10. Fun interview! I know that for me, blogging has been a blessing because I found my my best writer friends through blogging. And it's true--if you're only blogging to get followers, you're not gonna get anywhere. Blog for fun, blog for yourself. Be honest and sincere and people will come to you. :)

  11. I love Hogwarts! All of my friends call me Luna because I resemble her so much!

    -Oakley seal

  12. I agree with all these comments. Kyra was one of the first people to follow and comment on my blog (and you, Emily!), and she's still usually one of the first to comment on a new post. She's awesome, and she makes others feel very welcome in the blogosphere.

    Also, I'd totally go to Hogwarts too. How awesome would that be?

  13. Luna Lovegood would make a wonderful friend, wouldn't she? Kyra, it's always good to see you on my blog. My duties as a rare blood courier and writing my novels keep me from visiting you as often as I would like, Roland

  14. Oh my goodness! Look at all these comments!

    First of all, thanks Emily for having me!!

    Laura - By the time the HP books came out, I was already too old for my Hogwarts letter, but I do have a Harry Potter Hermione wand now - that's pretty cool! :D

    Alex - Thanks so much! It was because of your awesome blog that I met so many people - because of the IWSG!

    Rachel - Thanks for your support!!

    Nick - I am SO glad I found you through A-Z. Looking forward to exchanging WIPs in the future! :D

    Haddock - LOL, thank you!

    Clare - If it wasn't for you, I'd never have found Cassie, so thank you! <3

    jaybird - Thank you, your blog is one of my faves too!

    Carol - That blogfest was so amazing for meeting people!

    Cassie - Aww, love you too!

    Amanda - Nice to meet you too!

    Precy - That is so true. It's so tempting to jump around commenting and hoping people follow you, but you can only keep them if you stay active and return the favour. :D

    Oakley - Luna is a very cool character to be compared to!

    Tobi - Thank you! I would totally sit with you at Hogwarts! :D

  15. It's so nice to get to know Kyra and discover her blog! I love all your answers and admit that I'm a huge Harry Potter fan too! I don't care if I've always been too old to be an actual student along with Harry. I still want to go there!

    Anyway, thanks for the great interview!

  16. I met Kyra during the A to Z Challenge, and I look forward to her posts every day!

  17. This was an awesome interview, and I agree, you have to comment on other people's blogs and participate in blog hops/festivals, but then it's cool because you get to see other people's blogs, too.

    Also, who wouldn't want to play Quidditch? :)

  18. Ooh yeah. Hogwarts is definitely a top choice.

  19. I love Kyra. She is my co-partner in loving Sebastian from What a Boy Wants, and she is one of my biggest cheerleaders. She's awesome. And Hogwarts is a wonderful choice.

  20. Hi Emily .. great that you and Kyra met via Blog fests .. and that you've both got serious determination to succeed ... good luck along the way - cheers Hilary

  21. perfect answers! lovely questions!
    = awesome interview!

    and i'm with you at hogwarts, hp had the best wrap up to a series ever!! so epic!

  22. Great interview. Off to check out her blog right now.

  23. Aw, I'd so love to hang out with Ginny and Luna! :) Great interview--I'm off to check out Kyra's blog!

  24. I would love to visit Hogwarts as well! Well, I did...but only the Universal version. Great interview, girls!

  25. Wow -- this is a great blog feature, Emily! I'm completely fascinated by it & can't wait to read more of the interviews. I swung on by because I know Kyra through the blogosphere.

    Kyra -- what a great interview! I follow your blog and you, and this interview just was a great look into who you are as a blogger & it was good to hear why you blog from you.

  26. Roland - You are a legend!

    Leslie - Loving that you are a Harry Potter fan too! :D

    Dana - Thanks!

    Lynne - If I wasn't scared of heights, I'd love to play Quidditch!

    Sarah - YES!

    Jenny - I am still very much in love with Sebastian! Thank you for all your support!

    Hilary - Thank you!

    Tara - Thanks for checking out the interview!

    Johanna - Thanks for following me!

    Meredith - Hanging with Ginny and Luna would be amazing :D

    Alleges Author - I hope I get to go there one day!

  27. SPending a day at Hogwarts would be cool. I'd like to get a pic of a dementor holding my books and post it on my blog. How cool would that be!

  28. Great interview - I met Kyra during the A-Z challenge - congrats on gaining so many followers so quickly! And hanging out with Luna and Ginny would be amazing.

  29. Lovely getting to know you, Kyra, through today's interview. It's amazing the wonderufl things you can discover about those we follow.

  30. Great interview... and it would Definitely be Hogwarts

  31. I already follow Kyra, and it's great getting to know more about her.

    She touches upon important points on blogging and the sincerity that shines through with people taking interest and helping others.

  32. Kyra rocks. You can tell she's totally genuine. I'm excited for Kyra's writing adventures. She definitely knows how to steam up a room! LOL. :)

  33. Kyra seems so nice.. I'll be following her:)

  34. Look at all the love, Kyra! You deserve it. :)

  35. I couldn't agree more about how blogging helps with writing. I think the blogfests can be great writing practice...at least for me. You're clearly awesome Kyra! Great interview Emily!

  36. Whoo-hoo! Great choice to have Kyra over today! Love her! And I can't even think of what to say because I agree with it all! And if you figure out how to go to Hogwarts, can I come? :)

    Love you ladies!!! Fabulous Mentor Monday!

  37. Sign me up for Hogwarts. I agree that blogging has really enriched my experience as a writer. I learn something every day - sometimes about craft - sometimes just a great new book to check out. Popping over to Kyra's blog right now.

  38. Gotta love Kyra! She is really taking the blogosphere by storm. :D

  39. I have got the warm and fuzzies from reading all your comments! <3

    Bailey - This is one of my favourite blog features on any blog I read, because it's so interesting to hear the reasons people blog!

    Stephen - LOL! That would be so cool!

    Jaye - Thank you! :D

    Angela - Thanks for commenting!

    Jeff - Hogwarts is definitely a popular choice!

    Medeia - Thank you!

    Morgan - LOL, that is quite a compliment! :D

    tfwalsh - Thanks for the follow!

    Emily - You rock for letting me take over your blog for the day! <3

    Deana - Yes, blogfests are so great for writing practice. Sometimes they really make you look deeper into your story and characters.

    Leigh - Thanks! You can definitely come to Hogwarts with me! :D

    Leslie - Thanks for the follow!

    Carrie - LOL, I'm trying! :D

    Ghulam - Thanks for stopping by!

  40. Thanks for a great interview, it was wonderful to read. Sorry I'm late but had things on my mind yesterday.


  41. Nice to meet you, Kyra! The amount of talent on the Blogosphere amazes me as well!

  42. It would be so much fun to play real quidditch!!
    Thanks for the intro Emily, I'm off to check out Kyra's site!

  43. I totally started blogging for the same reasons! You are too awesome Kyra, it was good getting to know you more :)

  44. Wonderful interview. I don't know Kyra, but I am on my way over to visit her blog. Thanks!

  45. I love Kyra!!! And I agree with everything she said. Every. Single. Thing.


  46. Hey Kyra!! So cool to see someone I know as a blogger get interviewed. Kyra has a great blog and I'm glad she's getting more exposure with a great interviewer like you Emily.

    And yes Hogwarts is an excellent choice. Way better than visiting Hunger Games, District 12. Odds in your favour my ass. Love the books though.

    Excellent interview you two.

  47. Great interview:) Luved the Harry Potter references at the end:)

  48. Hi, Emily,
    Hope you and baby are well.
    Saying howdy to Kyra too and agreeing that blogfests are a good way to get to know more writers/bloggers.

  49. Oh, I'd love to go to Hogwarts, and I'd want to live in Gryffindor. I think it'd be fun to participate in a blogfest. I haven't done one yet, partly because they take up a lot of time and I don't know if I could come up with that many posts. But on the other hand, the posts that I've read by other bloggers, including Kyra, who participate in blogfests, are always interesting.

  50. Great interview!

    It would be awesome to spend time with those two HP characters. :)


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