25 June 2012

Blogging Mentor Mondays: The Shamynator

You know when you come across a blog where the author really gets you? That's how I feel about Morgan Shamy's slice of the Blogoverse. Her posts speak to me. Perhaps it's because we both write YA. Perhaps it's because she's a mom of four. Or perhaps it's because she blogs with her whole heart and you can't help but connect with her commonsense and honesty. Whatever the reason, Morgan Shamy's blog is one worth following. Morgan is dun, dun, dun... The Shamynator.

Welcome, Morgan! So tell me, when and why did you start your blog?
I never wanted to blog. I was afraid of it, truth. And I told myself I wasn’t going to start blogging until after I landed an agent and needed a *reason* to have a blog. Last summer at the SCBWI conference in LA, my writer BFF, Leigh Fallon, convinced me I needed to start now. What better time when I could relay my querying ups and downs and share the whole experience? I took her advice and in late Oct this last year took the leap. (Little did I know this community would be such a strength and motivating factor. Best. Decision. Ever.)

Your followers owe Leigh big time because your blog is fab. I'm so glad you took her advice.

You've written some of my all-time favorite posts. How do you come up with your ideas?
Hah! Really??? That’s too cool. Thanks, Em! I write what’s in my heart at the time. I can’t write a post on something I’m not truly feeling in the moment. I hope I don’t go too overboard on querying and rejection, but that’s what I’m living right now. My goal is to be honest—but not in an annoying way. (You know the type: Ugh! My dog woke me up ten times last night and now I can’t work because I’m exhausted. Or:  Shouldn’t have eaten that ten-pound burrito for lunch. I’m really paying for it now.)

I think there’s a line between being *too* honest, and too… what’s the word… robotic? I don’t enjoy reading posts that are clinical and where anyone could have written them. I want to come across as real, so my readers can really get a feel of who I am and share this journey with me. 

That's why I enjoy your blog so much. You're honest but not stiff.

How has blogging helped your writing?
Blogging has helped my writing because it’s enabled me to face the fear. I’ve dug deep into facing rejection, accepting it, and being open with it on the blog—in doing so, it’s helped me heal so I could put querying/rejection out of my mind, have a clear head, and be able to focus on my projects instead of centering on the battle that used to be constantly taking place between my ears: Can I do this? Am I wasting my time? Etc. There’s something to be said about admitting to people your weaknesses. Also, accountability is HUGE. When I’m putting it out there to the world what I want, I have that extra push/pressure to make those goals happen.

Again, I relate to what you're saying. It's cathartic to blog about rejections and have other writers share their own experiences. No one understands a writer like another writer.

What is your most memorable blogging experience to date?
Most memorable blogging experience? Definitely when my childhood idol commented on my blog! I did a post last December on the Nutcracker and how dancing has affected my writing. And Peter Christie, a brilliant dancer who has this uncanny magic to his dancing (and who I got to share the stage with a few times) saw my post and left a sweet note.  (I’ve actually named a character after him in my latest WIP—it’s a YA ballet ghost story that I’m soooo stoked about.)

No way! That's amazing!

Random Question: If you could be a spy, astronaut, witch, or princess for a day, which would you choose? Why?
Oh, a spy all the way! I have no desire to go into space, put gross things in a bubbling cauldron, and though I wouldn’t mind the whole princess thing—dancing around at balls and such—I’d much rather be dressed all in black, wearing tall leather boots, with weapons strapped to my hip. Oh, and sunglasses of course. (Apparently it’s all about appearance) Plus, we writers are great at observing people, jotting down secret notes, and traveling the world, yes? ;)

Good answer. BTW, I gave your your nickname BEFORE I read this reply. I guess we were both channeling black leather... :)

Thanks so much, Em! This was way fun. :D

Thank you for taking the time, Morgan!


  1. Morgan is one of my favourite bloggers! She always has something thoughtful to say, which in turn, makes ME think! I <3 her!

  2. Great interview. I didn't know Morgan before today's post, but I'll go check out her blog. :)

  3. Aloha Em,

    Oh seriously, I am so *jealous* right now....

    Not only did you get to interview one of the coolest peeps out there before me... (I asked last month, only to discover you'd beaten me to the punch :)~ ...but you've given Morg the coolest nickname - evah.

    I. Mean. *Evah.*

    The "Shamynator."

    I *love* it.... still roiling around here laughing :)

    PS... Morg, is all good.

    We. good.

    I'm just happy to learn more about one of my favorite Bluddies - and what makes her writing "tick." :)

    Thanks Em - Thanks Morg:) That was awesomely great.

  4. Shamynator - perfect!
    I never wanted to start blogging either but it's been the best experience.

  5. Great interview!

    Morgan comes across as one of the nicest and most genuine people out there. Her comments would brighten up anyone's day. She's a blogging role model!

  6. I'd have to go with spy too. As long as I had super abilities so I wouldn't be captured and tortured for my secrets. That part would kinda suck. :)

  7. yay for Morgan. I too love her blog, her posts are always so thoughtful and smart, and always give me something to think about. Also, she's beautiful, right?

    and, oh I love the new blog look!

  8. I love Morgan's blog too! She is very rewarding to follow and I've learned a lot from her. I've seen her writing in blog contests and I think she's very talented as well.

  9. Kyra: You're one of my favorite bloggers too!

    Brinda: I swear I know you... probably because I've seen you everywhere! ;)

    Mark: Lauuuughing... and crap... the last thing I need is a nick name from you! We all know how well that's worked out for Claudia and Leibby... :P

    Alex: Shamynator is definitely Ninja worthy, yes??? ;)

    Nick: Ohhhhh... YOU just brightened my day... I LOVE your blog Nick. You're awesome.

    Suzi: Ha! Er... yes. The torturing would definitely be a minus ;)

    Cristina: <3 <3 <3 ... And maybe I need to change my profile pic...

    Honey: Awwww... I adore you! Seriously. I'm so glad I've met you!

  10. Morgan does have one of the BEST blogs out here. I think she has one of those ESP things and she'll post exactly what I'm going through and says it so much more eloquently than I can. :)

  11. I love Morgan! (And I love nicknames! Can I call her the Shamynator, too?) What a great interview! :D

  12. Can I get a whoot-whoot?
    Holla! You ladies are amazing! I love the Morginator!!!
    Amazing interview ladies!

  13. WEll I guess I'm one of the few commentoers who seems to actually not know Morgan. *Smiles sheepishly* Hi.

    Anyway I love this interview and will be checking out her blog. Also I would've picked witch because today witches are a lot more than creepy cauldron cooks. It all about the magic.

  14. Yay, Morgan! You are loved! Fun interview, ladies. :)

  15. I love Morgan's blog and how cool to have a comment from your childhood idol!

  16. Cass... ESP? LOL! Nah, I just read your mail before you get it :P

    Carrie: <3 <3 <3

    Leigh: You are sto stinkin' awesome. :D

    Sheen-Kay: Nice to "meet" you :)

    Ruth: *huge hugs* <3 ya, girl. :D

    Johanna: It was SO awesome. I'm not one to get too giggly with crushes and stuff, but I love this guy ;)

  17. Morgan is pretty awesome, and I see her everywhere!

  18. Oh, I love Morgan so much! Excellent interview - and GREAT questions, Emily!

  19. Emily, thanks for introducing Morgan. I'm going to check out her blog.

  20. 'No one understands a writer like another writer.'


  21. A YA ballet ghost story? I'm hooked. :) I'll have to go check out Morgan's blog now!

  22. Sara: You see me everywhere? Oh dear... I'm online too much...

    Daisy: *hugs* I seriously think you're beyond awesome.

    Carol: So glad to be connected now!

    Suze: Love that Em said that. It's so true.

    Meredith: I'm sooooo stoked about it. You know how some stories just grab you? This is the one for me ;)

  23. I love that she would be a spy - I really think they have the best outfits and I love a take charge kind of gal :)

  24. What a great interview! I'm heading over to her blog to check it out right now! She seems like a fun blogger to follow!

  25. loved the interview! morgan is a genuine gal! glad i know you both!

  26. Morgan that is so cool that Peter Christie left a message on your blog. The only experience I have to compare to this was when I got my first tweet from Neil Gaiman. I was ecstatic, imagining that the great author took time out of his day to compose an @MichaelOffutt tweet.

    I'm so happy that the fires in your area are under control (it seems). Wow, what a harrowing weekend you've had.

  27. What a wonderful interview. It's awesome to have others we can really connect with, and also vitally important. I haven't been over to visit Morgan for a while. Gonna have to change that. Thanks, Emily!

  28. Emily! Thanks so much for these Blogger Mentor posts. You introduce us to such wonderful blogger buds.

    Shamynator...it was too cool to meet you - virtually :-)

  29. Great interview! I'd have gone for princess, but Morgan's answer made way more sense!

  30. I read this post two hours ago and got called away before posting. Work! Sheesh! :)

    I loved the post too - but I think I do want to hear more about the 10-pound burrito!

  31. Emily, I love the look of your blog.

  32. Tasha: It's all about the outfit ;)

    Kimberly: Glad to be connected--love your blog!

    Tara: You're awesome. I always look forward to your posts ;D

    Michael: That. Is. SO. Cool!!!!! I bet you were FLIPPING out. Serious. And thanks... so glad everything is under control now with the fire... crazy stuff!

    Nancy: I know! I don't pop into your blog as much as I should. You are awesome talented.

    Angela: Uh oh... you're using the nickname... I'm in trouble :P

    Elizabeth: Thanks for the follow! I'm off to go follow you :D

  33. Southpaw: Oh dear... let's *hope* that the ten-pound burrito is fictional... ;)

  34. Okay, may I just say that a YA ballet ghost story sounds so awesome...
    Thanks for the interview, Emily :)

  35. Fun interview!

    I love the sound of your YA ballet novel. And it's awesome that he commented on your post!

  36. What a great interview! You are so right that blogging helps a person's writing. Sometimes I put it out there just to make myself follow through.

  37. I am clearly late to the party, but I just followed Morgan's blog! Great interview :)

  38. Haha! I'm right there with you on the spy thing!

    Great interview, ladies!

  39. Great interview! I've only been following Morgan a short while, but her posts keep me coming back, honest and refreshing. Thanks, Morgan and Emily!

  40. Kim: Thank you! Gosh, this project is *my* project ;)

    The Golden Eagle: It was *such* a highlight! Thanks!

    Aubrie: Serious, right? I love what being accountable does :D

    Mara Rae: So glad we're connected now! :D

    Peggy: Spy twinners!

    Michael: I feel the same way about your blog. So glad we've recently connected ;D

  41. Great interview. I can tell from just this short interview that Morgan is a down to earth writer who writes with feeling and that is what makes a blogger/writer stand out from the masses. I am going to pop over and read her blog now.

  42. Morgan is so fun, love her! I'm so glad she started blogging her blog is a joy to read!

  43. When I happened upon Morgan I couldn't figure out why it took me so long to find her. She is all kinds of awesome. And that is so cool that Peter commented on her blog YAY!

    Oh and SPY all the way. ;0)

  44. Melissa: I swear I've seen your name before! So glad to be connected now!

    J.A.: YOU are the joy. I seriously adore you.

    Jenny: THAT'S SO HOW I FELT! How did I not know you existed??? And seriously *such* a great moment :D

  45. Thanks for the follow Emily, have just returned the favour! I am also connected to Morgan, she is such a genuine person, how could one not follow her! Her posts are always amusing to read and quite stimulating, too.

  46. This comment has been removed by the author.

  47. Great interview.

    I follow Morgan on Twitter. I should probably read her blog too!

  48. I just followed Morgan, and she happens to be one of the hosts of a blog hop I'm participating in.

    Great responses and it was great getting to know Morgan.

  49. love this interview. I'm glad I got to know Morgan. It sounds like I'll love her blog just as much as I love yours. I'm hopping over there now:)

  50. C.M.--Awwww... I love your posts too. And thanks so much for the compliments... means so much ;) *hugs*

    Jay: Yes! You're my fellow inkpageant winner! You have a great name :D

    Medeia: Sooooo glad you're participating in the hop! I'm seriously so stoked.

    nutschell: Just came from your site. Love the Nutschell user name. So cute :D

  51. How cool is that to have a childhood idol comment on one of your posts! I'm still waiting for Dean Koontz to stop by and say hello on my blog.

  52. Great interview...checking out her site now:)

  53. Fabulous interview! Meeting awesome people like you guys is exactly why I blog.

    Sarah Allen
    (my creative writing blog)

  54. Stephen: It'll happen. It'll definitely happen!

    Mark: I'm so glad to be connected now ;) Love your blog!

    Sarah: Ditto! (Did I just use that word?)

  55. Great interview! How awesome to have one of your idols comment on your blog!!!

  56. You thought I wouldn't catch this, huh? Sorry! Wouldn't miss it. Morgan has to be a synonym for "amazing." If not, I'll make it happen, cause it should. I love her honest posts. Her words scream of it. :)

  57. Blogging from your heart is the best way to go. Keep it up!

  58. Hey, Morgan, so nice to meet you. Love the Peter Christie moment. What a rush. Thanks, for the intro. Emily.

  59. Great interview Emily! I so relate with the fear. Morgan's road to blogging sounds exactly like mine--I didn't want to do it either, but like she said, it really has been the best decision :)

  60. Great interview, both of you. I love that Morgan's childhood idol commented on her blog. That is awesome! I'm already a follower, but had I not already been, I would have totally followed Morgan after reading this.


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